Whew! I sure wish I could make Covid-19 disappear! Covid-19 had temporarily suspended Magic, but I am currently open to taking bookings again on a case-by-case basis. That being said, I am 100% committed to complying with whatever guidelines are set by the local government, and I want to keep everyone’s health and safety as my #1 priority. If I book an event and the rules change, or either party decides not to move forward for any reason, there will be NO cancellation fees.

Hawaii Magician Astonishing the Islands for over 20 Years!

This magician's Bag O' Tricks goes anywhere, from Maui to Oahu, Kauai, and Big Island.

This is Hawaii corporate entertainment at its finest.

Magic Brent is the #1 first birthday party Maui magician and has amused & amazed at thousands of Maui magic shows.

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Magic Show

Looking for a fantastic Magic show on Maui? My show is High-Energy Comedy & Magic with tons of laughs, interaction, and more laughs. It’s perfect for all ages, from 2-102. You’ll see a production of a live goldfish. You’ll see fire. You’ll see your friends, the CEO, or the Birthday boy or girl on stage! A Hawaii corporate event or gathering will instantly be enhanced by this traveling vaudevillian show, complete with catchy, upbeat music. I’ve performed for thousands of Maui 1st Birthday Parties and small kid’s Birthday Parties where I can perform with or without a stage. I can also perform outdoors using battery power and love to entertain any type of guest, at any event under the sun in Hawaii. Did I mention there were a lot of laughs?

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Walk-Around Magic

I’m a Magician on Maui that is more like a friend of yours at the party who happens to know magic. I perform for small groups at a time, with everyone seeing sleight-of-hand magic close-up, making the experience unique to them. I specialize in Maui 1st Birthday Parties, where I really get people talking to each other and loosening up. Or I’ll be doing Hawaii corporate entertainment, getting eruptions of laughter from groups of associates. I’m also a regular at Town Parties, where Comedy & Magic on Maui shine through Street Performance. Walk-Around Magic is also perfect for Maui weddings, annual meetings, or any private party! Just imagine a Maui entertainer with a Bag O’ Tricks making people wonder… what’s INSIDE of that Bag O’ Tricks?

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Game Show

Are you ready to play? Let’s get you in the game! Welcome to Gameshow Fanatics, Hawaii’s totally unique, full-production mobile game show. To best understand this party service, watch the hilarious videos on We bring a complete game show setup to your location and our expert team handles everything. We can prepare custom questions specifically about your group/celebrant to send it completely over the top. Gameshow Fanatics offers an incredibly fun and turn-key interactive party entertainment service on Maui. Watch your friends and associates light up on stage in Maui's portable game show. Survey says it's not just Maui, it's become Hawaii's premiere game show entertainment.

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Early on, street performers inspired me, but not as much as Disneyland. I began to carve out the entertainer in me when I got my first gig at a local café doing card tricks for the tables. At 17 I was the ‘house magician’ for three restaurants in L.A., where I handed out business cards and began doing private party entertainment. I worked at Wizardz Magic Theatre at Universal Studios and afterward I’d visit the Magic Castle in Hollywood, where I watched sleight-of-hand masters and studied the impeccable timing of comedy acts. I met a magician in my early 20s who helped me board a plane to begin doing the opening act for a Maui magic show, which led to headlining my own full-length show. During eight years of grooming at this intimate magic club, I learned about showmanship and how to work with an audience, which whipped me into the highly energetic performer I am today (all the mountain biking I do helps too). On Maui I perform my full-length Comedy & Magic Show weekly (see ‘NOW APPEARING’).

I’ve performed for thousands of birthday parties, 1st Birthday luaus, Maui weddings, and corporate events all over Hawaii. A lil’ comedy bit turned into a whole side business: I’ve become the Host, Producer, and Owner of Gameshow Fanatics, Hawaii’s premiere portable game show. I’ve come to realize that I take fun & games…seriously.

Bag O' Tricks
What's inside my Bag o' Tricks?







Brenton Keith - Maui Magician
Brenton Keith - Maui Magician
Brenton Keith - Maui Magician



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Game Show Night

We re-created the Family Feud. We have a professional set with all the bells & whistles. No projection screen. We’ve got the answers ‘flipping’ with the DING! just like in the real show! Lighting, check! Sound, check! Funny Game Show Host donning a hideous wig (we call it The Silver Fox) with non-stop one liners, check! Now imagine the energy of a Game Show. Contestants from your party approaching the podium to the music to face-off and ring the buzzer- it’s hilarious! Click to visit: Mobile Game Show