Walk-Around Magic

When I work an event, it’s more like I’m a friend of yours at the party that happens to know magic. Performing for small groups at a time, everyone sees sleight-of-hand close-up, sometimes in their own hands, making the experience unique to them. At a corporate or private event, family, friends, and business associates will come together as they share the experience of wild performance art right under their nose! Walk-Around Magic is perfect for cocktail parties, 1st Birthday Luaus, or any event where you want to get people mingling and talking with one another. A fun atmosphere is created with gasps of laughter erupting out loud. Imagine, a character with a ‘Bag O’ Tricks’ walking around making people wonder…what’s INSIDE that Bag O’ Tricks?



Magic Stage Show

My stage show is roughly 45 minutes of High Energy Comedy & Magic with heaps of interaction, laughs and gags spread here and there. You’ll see a production of a live goldfish. You’ll see fire. You’ll see extremely visual and original card manipulation. You’ll see your friends on stage. Completely self-contained with catchy, upbeat music throughout the show. Perfect for any event that you want to kick up a couple notches with a traveling vaudeville-type show with tons of laughs. Can perform with or without a stage and can even be performed outside with battery power! Did I mention there was lots of laughs & interaction?



Game Show

Game Show? Yes, a Game Show! I have gathered a team, and we offer Hawaii’s only portable full-scale game show entertainment. We are Gameshow Fanatics. We have a fully functioning set that includes all the bells and whistles. We bring our set to you! We do custom questions specifically about the group or celebrant, and we send it over the top with Interactive Entertainment. I realized as a Magician that people really light up when their friends are on stage. The Game Show is the ultimate platform to make that happen. Be sure to watch the hilarious videos on our website to really understand what I’m talking about here. Visit and let’s get you in the Game!



Street performers inspired me early, but not as much as Disneyland. I started finding my color as an entertainer at a local cafe doing card tricks beside tables.  At 17 I was the ‘house magician’ at 3 restaurants in L.A., where I handed out business cards and began doing private parties.  I then worked at Wizardz Magic Theatre at Universal Studios and afterward I’d visit the Magic Castle in Hollywood where I watched sleight-of-hand masters and studied the impeccable timing of comedy acts on stage.  Then at 23, I met a magician who helped me board the plane to begin doing the opening act at Warren & Annabelle’s, in Maui.  This in turn led to me headlining my own full length show at this intimate magic club where I learned hands on about showmanship and how to work with the audience.  Eight years of experience there helped groom me into the highly energetic performer I am today (not to mention all the mountain biking, surfing & other extreme sports that help exuberate me).  Presently I perform my full length Comedy & Magic Show weekly at other venues on Maui (see ‘NOW APPEARING’) while juggling 1st Birthday Luaus and Corporate events wherever the Bag O’ Tricks is desired.  A lil’ comedy bit turned into a side business, where I am now a Host, Producer, and Owner of Gameshow Fanatics, Hawaii’s only portable Game Show entertainment.  This has helped me realize that I really take fun & games…seriously.

Bag O' Tricks
What's inside my Bag o' Tricks?









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Game Show Nite

We re-created the Family Feud. We have a professional set with all the bells & whistles. No projection screen. We’ve got the answers ‘flipping’ with the DING! just like in the real show! Lighting, check! Sound, check! Funny Game Show Host donning a hideous wig (we call it The Silver Fox) with non-stop one liners, check! Now imagine the energy of a Game Show. Contestants from your party approaching the podium to the music to face-off and ring the buzzer- it’s hilarious! Visit site